St. Florian church is located off of Bromback street, about 5 blocks south of the Firehouse. It is clearly the most visible site in the Hamtramck skyline and is a great example of gothic architecture.

The parish was founded in 1908.






St. Florian Parish, located in Hamtramck, hosts an annual Firefighter March and Mass the first Saturday in May.

This unique event marks the feast day of St. Florian, patron saint of all firefighters. Please join us in commemorating this occasion by participating in a formal March that begins at 3:00 pm at the Hamtramck Firehouse and end at St. Florian Church for a 4:00 pm Mass (you are not obligated to attend or participate in the Mass). Departments with an Honor Guard are encouraged to join us and all rigs are welcome; please contact the firehouse in advance so that we may plan accordingly.

All firefighters, retirees, and their families are welcome to participate in this special celebration. This will be an excellent opportunity for all firefighters to unite in brotherhood and remember their fallen heroic comrades. This will also be a great time to enjoy the Parishes’ Strawberry Festival where good food, drink and music will end the days’ activities.

Saturday, May 5th.
March leaves Hamtramck firehouse at about 3:00 PM - march participants should arrive early!!
Mass starts at 4 PM (you are not obligated to attend or participate in mass).

For more information, the Hamtramck Fire Department is located at 2625 Caniff Street and can be reached at (313) 876-7778 or contact Matt Wyszczelski 313-683-1972 or Bill Dickens 586-615-0250.

St. Florian Parish can be reached at (313) 871-2778.

The firehouse is located at 2625 Caniff, approximately 2 blocks east of I-75 from the Caniff exit. (map)

St. Florian Church is located at 2626 Poland, approximately mile south of the firehouse. (map)


The Martyrdom of Saint Florian

Florian was an officer in the Roman army and held a high post in Austria that had secretly converted to Christianity. When the Emperor ordered his soldiers to hunt down Christians, Florian refused and revealed his faith and surrendered himself.

After professing his faith, he was whipped, beaten and flailed alive. Finally, instead of being executed by the sword - a soldier's death - Saint Florian was thrown into the river Ems, with a stone around his neck.

Many miracles are attributed to him, including the extinguishing of a huge fire with a pitcher of water. He is said to have stopped a town from burning by throwing a single bucket of water on the blaze, and thus his association with firefighters.

Along with being the patron saint of Firefighters, St. Florian also holds the patronage of Austria, Poland, brewers, coopers, chimney-sweeps, soap-boilers and of those in danger from water and flood, and of drowning. He is invoked against bad harvests, battles, fire, flood, and storm.

pictures from previous St. Florian marches



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