The Pastor of St. Florian Church asked the Hamtramck Firefighters to hold a special guard over the tomb of Jesus on Holy Saturday. It’s a tradition in parts of Poland for Firefighters to take this special watch.

Lt. Chris Sanchez, Motor Engineers Paul Sharon and Mark Swider and Firefighters Bill Dickens and John Dropchuk took shifts to maintain the watch over the tomb.



The Hamtramck Firefighters would like to express our deepest sympahty and condolences to the friends and family of Theodore “Ted” Sejnnowksi. Retired firefighter Sejnowski passed away March 7 at the age of 94.

Ted served with the Hamtramck Fire Department for many years before retiring in 1975 and remembered fondly by all.


The Hamtramck Firefighters will have t-shirts and mugs available for sale this Paczki Day at the New Dodge Lounge on Jos. Campau (across from Rally’s).

Stop by as we’ll be hanging out there during the day checking out the live broadcast from WRIF and watching the bands including the Polish Muslims… oh, yeah – there’s gonna be some donuts there, too!

Paczki Day (aka Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras) is February 8th, New Dodge Lounge is at 8850 Jos. Campau (map).

Pics now posted!

We even made the front page from the ‘Village Voice’ Newspaper! Check it out!


The "Mother Waddles" warehouse burned burned again on February 5, 2005. Firefighters from Hamtramck and Detroit battled the blaze late into the night, the first call came in at 2 PM. Captain Jeff Koss was the responding officer in charge in what looks to be his last fire prior to his retirement after 32 years on the department.

The warehouse (approximately 1/4 Million Square feet) previously burned in late 1998, and had other problems, is located on Hamtramck’s south east side, on Vincent St.

Check out the pictures from Dan Jasina.


Our Paczki Day Festivities were interrupted by by a house fire!

The Hamtramck Firefighters got the call at about 4 PM on Fat Tuesday for this fire on Mitchell Street. On arrival, they found a two family home with the second floor already pretty well involved.

Click here for the Pics! video