dropchuk_logo_This site’s design, logo and all custom graphic work was created and is maintained by John Dropchuk of The Hamtramck Firefighters, IAFF Local 750. is a very proud recipient of 2 Honorable Mention Awards from the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) for Best Affiliate Website. The IAFF’s Media Awards recognize ‘outstanding work done by IAFF affiliates in promoting themselves and communicating with their members and the public.’

Pictures on this site are by members of the Hamtramck Fire Department (past and present) along with various others, including Bill Eisner, Dennis Walus, Jason Frattini, Ken LaBelle, Rick Nohl, Dan Jasina, Larry Garcia,  Sam & Sandy Dropchuk, Luigi Gjokaj, John Sarver, Kim McDonough, John Dropchuk, Chuck Watson, Matt Wyszczelski, Dave Cornwell, Chris Cornwell….

We have tried to credit images whenever possible – if you fee we are not giving credit or you do not wish you image to be used, please contact us.


The Hamtramck Firefighters Association Local 750 are proud members of the International Association of Fire Fighters and the Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union.

The History area of this site is from 1940, it is unknown who wrote it.

The Apparatus area of this site is based on a listing from 1996 by then Chief Master Mecahnic, John Koho and retired Motor Engineer Gerald Badaczewski (this listing is current as of April 2002).  Older apparatus images provided by John Koho.

The Ida Windows page is from Firehouse Magazine.