The Hamtramck Fire Department’s mission and purpose is to protect the lives and property of the citizen’s of the community. We also strive to protect our personnel from hazards and injury through training and safe work practices.

The Hamtramck Fire Department is currently made of 28 people (formerly 38). Of which, The Fire Chief’s Office has two men assigned to it. The Fire Chief is in charge of the department’s administrative duties and emergency operations. The Fire Marshal is in charge of fire prevention, arson investigation and public relations.

The firefighting division consists of 26 men divided into 2 units. Including scheduled leave days, we strive to have 7 men on duty every day. We do have a daily minimum staffing of six in our Suppression Division.  All high hazard alarms are responded to with a minimum of an engine and the aerial platform; while ordinary hazards have two engines responding.

The Fire Department strives to have trained personnel on and off the fireground. Safety is stressed at all training sessions. Personnel are encouraged by contract to further their fire related education through additional schooling. Fees for these seminars and classes are paid for by the city. All personnel have completed the Hazardous Material Operations training course and the Incident Command System.

In 2011, the Hamtramck Fire Department responded to over 3,000 emergency runs.

In the future, we are confident that we will be able to serve our community with consistent planning, training and leadership.