mhsMichigan Humane Society honored the Hamtramck Fire Department at the July 22nd City Council Meeting.  Capt. Bill Diamond, Motor Engineer Paul Sevakis, Firefighter Eric Stoddard and Probationary Firefighter Vincent Caporuscio were all honored by MHS and Fire Chief Paul Wilk.

From Michigan Humane Society:
The Michigan Humane Society is proud to honor the City of Hamtramck’s Fire Chief Wilk and Firefighters Vincent Caporuscio, Paul Sevakis, William Diamond and Eric Stoddard for their valiant efforts in saving both a dog and a cat in a house fire by utilizing the Pet Oxygen Masks donated by the Michigan Humane Society last year to the department. The homeowners were not home when the fire erupted.

When the Fire Department arrived, the dog appeared dead and the cat was barely alive. Amazingly, they were able to revive the dog and thanks to their heroic efforts, both animals were saved!

Thank you for helping MHS save more animal lives!!!