Fight For Air - 2013 Hamtramck Firefighters Team

Members of the Hamtramck Firefighters are participating in the Fight for Air Climb to raise money for the American Lung Association – please make a donation and help! Help fight asthma, lung cancer, COPD and dozens of other lung diseases by making a contribution!

We Climb for Those Who are ‘Fighting For Air’
We climb for our friends and loved ones who suffer from lung cancer, the leading cancer killer.
We climb for those who struggle to breathe, because air pollution threatens lives.
We climb for those whose asthma makes even the simple act of breathing difficult.
We climb for those that can’t breathe on their own.

The 2014 Fight For Air Climb Detroit will be held on Sunday, March 2nd at the Detroit Renaissance Center. The Full Climb is 70 flights for a total of 1,035 steps and is timed.

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